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Maidon ja virvoitusjuomien käsittely

Alfa Laval is well equipped to provide the optimal components required for many different dairy and beverage applications. Alfa Laval's comprehensive range of innovative hygienic components are key building blocks in dairy and beverage processes. Our ongoing mission is to secure hygienic conditions and optimize production.

The benefits of choosing Alfa Laval

Choosing an Alfa Laval product is about more than just reliable equipment. There's a reason that we are a trusted partner to businesses large and small, in every corner of the world.

With more than 130 years of experience, we offer unique benefits that ensure long-term support for your operations.

Leading global supplier of heat transfer, separation and fluid handling solutions
Worldwide organization present in nearly 100 different countries
Creating better everyday conditions for people around the globe
Online training and support available 24/7