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DS-S 316L

DS-S 160 pl 316L

DS-S 316L

DS-S 160 pl 316L
  • Small footprint and light weight minimize installation, operating and maintenance costs
  • Laser welding ensures robust construction and improves process reliability
  • Gasket-free construction means high security against leakage
  • Superior thermal performance gives maximized heat recovery with minimized heating or cooling media. This reduces fuel consumption, energy costs and environmental impact.
  • Unique roller coaster plate pattern increases fatigue resistance and minimizes fouling
  • Easy to install


Alfa Laval DuroShell is a specially engineered plate-and-shell heat exchanger ideal for demanding duties, such as corrosive, high pressure and high temperature applications. Incorporating many innovative features to optimize customers' process performance, it takes the plate-and-shell concept to a new level. Alfa Laval DuroShell, with its laser-welded plates and many multiple pass and asymmetric flow capabilities, allows optimization of thermal efficiency and substantially improved fatigue resistance. Designed for use with liquids, gases and two-phase mixtures at pressures up to 100barG (1,450 psiG), in both PED and ASME, and at temperatures up to 450 °C (842 °F), Alfa Laval DuroShell is suitable for a wide range of aggressive media. Its capabilities reach far beyond both gasketed and many other welded heat exchanger technologies.

Détails techniques

Source de chaleur
LP Steam
Steam pressure (bar)
10 bar
Steam flow rate (kg/h)
5000 kg/h
Outlet district water temperature (°C)
125 °C
District water flow rate (kg/h)
40000 kg/h
Duty (kW)
3120 kW
Length (mm)
665 mm
Width (mm)
360 mm
Height (mm)
772 mm
Weight (kg)
190 kg